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Monday, December 20, 2010


Here are some 1984 Ralston Purina 1st Annual Collector's Edition baseball cards by Topps. I do not remember when or how I got these, but they are pretty cool.
They were available in Ralston cereals, Cookie Crips is the only one I remember eating so maybe that's where I got them.
The back of each card has a little personal info on each player, on Brett's card it says that he has 3 brothers (Ken, John,Bobby). Lynn was named All-American at USC. Fisk was his high school's MVP in soccer and Cooper's high school team won 2 Texas titles.

The cards are
George Brett #13 of 33
Fred Lynn #29 of 33
Carlton Fisk #33 of 33
Cecil Cooper #27 of 33

Now onto this gem. Please tell me that none of you have this sweat shirt as part of your I don't believe it was "cool" then, much less now. What was Topps thinking when they offered this to collectors as a purchase? "High quality Puffy-lettered sweatshirt" aka, wear it to school and get punched in the face. Nice going Topps.

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