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Friday, August 5, 2011

More card shop pick ups.

I have not had much to write about recently, still working on my personal collections, as we all know, they are a never ending work in progress. I hit up my local card shop, DJ's Collectible Shoppe the other day and picked up a few cards to add to my collection.
There were more cards there that I wanted to get, but I had to limit myself, plus I forgot my list at home. I had an idea of which cards I have and don't have, but sometimes the old brain tends to forget and I'll pick up a double or two. I hope to go back to DJ's soon and pick up some more cards.
There are a few card shows lined up between now and the end of September, so I hope to hit one or two and see what I find there. Here are a few cards that I picked up at DJ's.

Vladimir Guerrero 2003 Donruss Diamond Kings #1
Vladimir Guerrero 2002 Donruss Diamond Kings #1
Ryne Sandberg 1996 Metal Universe Mother Lode 10 of 12
Ivan Rodriguez 2006 Upper Deck Ovation #74
Ivan Rodriguez 2002 SPx #21
Jeff Bagwell 2005 Topps Gallery #143
Jeff Bagwell 2003 Fleer Showcase Sweet Stitches 3 of 10

Friday, March 11, 2011

Value pack hits

Hey, I hope that everyone has been well. I have been missing in action for awhile now dealing with some medical issues. So I have not had much to write about recently as far as baseball cards go. I did have a few hits from some value packs, so I guess it's a good way to start back up on here. I am slowly getting back in a baseball state of mind, but not all the way there as of yet. I have watched a few spring training games, not too bad, but I am ready for the regular season to start up. Well here I have five cards that I got in some value packs from Target, nothing great, but it gives me something to write about.
Pictured left to right are.
2007 Upper Deck Game Materials Curt Schilling.
2007 Upper Deck Game Materials Erik Bedard.
2004 Upper Deck Marquee Attractions Preston Wilson game used jersey.
2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball Pieces of Greatness Nick Swisher game used bat card.
2005 Donruss Team Heroes Merkin Valdez sticker auto.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Card shop Vlad

I started a collection of Vladimir Guerrero not too long ago, I always enjoyed watching him play, but truly enjoy watching him at the plate, I think of him as the "man with no strike zone".
I have a few cards of his cards in the boxes of many cards that I have so I pulled them out, put them in a binder and the collection began.
I have also acquired some of his cards through a few trades with some fellow bloggers, but last week I stopped by my local card shop, DJ's Collectible Shoppe and picked up a few Vlady cards. I did not have a list with me, so I just picked up a few that I knew that I did not have. I'd like to thank Jason at DJ's for having a great shop, keep up the great work.

The cards pictured are as follows:
1999 Topps Gallery #122
2002 Topps 206 Mini #203
2003 SP Authentic #65
2004 Diamond Kings #49
2003 Fleer Ticket Studs #14
1999 Topps Gallery #11