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Friday, August 6, 2010

80's Astros

Hey, I hope that everyone is well out there in the baseball blogging universe. Yesterday I received a package from blog reader Tim in Ohio. He sent me some Bagwell's, Biggio's, Ryno and Pudge cards to add to my collection of those players, but I wanted to focus on the cards I have pictured here.
They are all of Houston Astros, my late father's favorite team. I am putting together a binder of cards of the players on the 1976-1987 time frame Astros. These are the players that I remember on those teams and that I remember watching on TV with my father.
A lot of these guys are not big name players, a few are, but for the most part they are just forgotten names, but to me they are reminders of those times when my father was still alive and cheering on his Astros. In a way this is just a small tribute to him and to those players that made up the team that he so loved very much.
Pictured here are Jose Cruz, Enos Cabell, Joe Niekro, Terry Puhl, Bob Knepper, Alan Ashby, Ray Knight, Mike Scott and Dickie Thon.

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