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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Legit or fleas?

Does anyone know anything about these jersey cards? I can't seem to find much on them. Just wondering if they are legit jerseys or flea market specials. The card pictured here is a 2003 Upper Deck Rickey Henderson. Any information on these would be helpful, thanks.


  1. I've got a Clemans one just like your Rickey that I got in a trade. From what I can tell it is a Jersey swatch obtained from Upper Deck and put with a already produced card in a holder. My Clemens actually ha a 1987 Topps card in it.

  2. Its sold in Kmart and other retail. They are certified by UD.

  3. Yeah, I had one of someone or other (gave it away). They are legit, just a different way for UD to get rid off a bunch of swatches.