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Friday, December 3, 2010

Ron Santo

Chicago Cub great Ron Santo has passed away. This is a very sad day for Cubs fans and baseball fans in general. Ron always made me laugh when I listened to the Cubs on WGN Radio out here in California. He had a great laugh and his "Awwww gezzzzz" is my favorite phrase of his. He had a tremendous passion for the Cubs and for the fans as well. It is sad to know that he was never voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame while he was alive. But knowing the politics of baseball, he will probably be voted in now. A little too late if you ask me.
But I believe that Ron's hall of fame were the Cubbies, the Cubs fans and the friendly confines of Wrigley Field, that was and always will be his Cooperstown.
Rest in peace Ron, I wil miss listening to your voice on the radio.....awwww gezzzzz.

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  1. When his number 10 was retired by the Cubs in 2003 Ron said, "This is my hall of fame". He should have been voted into Cooperstown long ago but at least he had seven years of watching his flag fly at Wrigley with Billy and Ernie's. We'll miss him.